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Baku Mountain Stage 

About a half of the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan is mountainous. They range from 200-300 meters absolute height to 4466 meters. Replacement of various landscapes such as semi-desert, desert, forest, grass and rocks from the foot to the top of the mountains makes them more beautiful. 

The earth’s relief has been subjected to changes in time and space. At one time the most part of the present Baku had been under water. The retreating sea broke down and scattered the limestone in Absheron. Rich mud volcanoes, large stone quarries have been discovered and used in the mountainous terrain. During the geological exploration of the Baku territory of Absheron Peninsula, an interesting mountain chain was encountered. 

Baku Mountain Stage is located at 40° 20' 50" of northern latitude and 49° 45' 55" of eastern longitude near Bibi-Heybat Settlement of Sabayel District of Baku City of Azerbaijan Republic. Baku Mountain Stage is protected by the State as a monument of a nature of the special significance pursuant to the Decree of the Government of Azerbaijan Republic No. 167 of March 16, 1982. 

The main interest of Baku Mountain Stage is geological. On the slopes of this mountain at the depth of 70 meters is opened classic column of lower anthropogenic deposits. Having explained for the first time by D.F.Golubyatnikov the column of these deposits is introduced into the World geology literature as stratigraphic column. Being rich with geological deposits of "Baku" Period and paleontological remnants, this natural monument is unique and is of great importance. Location on the coast of the Caspian Sea and close to the center of Baku City, wide panorama of the Caspian from this height increases the aesthetic value of this mountain.

Baku Mountain Stage was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in Need of Urgent Safeguarding on September 30, 1998.