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“Zakhirai-nizamshahi” by Rustam Jurjani

This book was written in the 13th century and imitates the famous medical book by Zeynaddin Jurjani. Rustam Jurjani's manuscript is unique; it is the only manuscript of this book in the world.

“Zakhirai-Nizamshahi” by Rustam Jurjani is an original work resembling “Zakhirai-Kharazmshahi” by Zeynaddin Ibn Abu Ibrahim Jurjani (12th century). The manuscript is not found in other manuscript deposits anywhere in the world; at least, its name does not appear in any other known catalogue. The date of compilation is not known, but the manuscript was copied in the 16th century AD (954 Hijra). The book provides descriptions of the pharmaceutical properties of medicinal herbs, animal substances, minerals and complex medicines. It influenced the development of medicine and pharmacology in Persia and Persian¬speaking countries. The work is preserved as a manuscript and has still not been translated and published.

The manuscript was written in Nastalik script on white paper in black ink. The titles are written in red ink. The binding is of black leather. The first page is decorated with an ornament; the format: 16x25 cm, number of leaves: 487.