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Mardakan Round Tower

The strongholds in the defensive system of the Apsheron peninsula, which were built at the same period near to each other, occupy a very important place in Mardakan village. The oldest of them is Mardakan tower, which was built in 11 87-1188 in the period of Akhista II Shirvanshah shah. Gershasb in 1204 from Shirvanshahs dynasty built the other stronghold named as Small Mardakan tower. 

At present, the tower covers a stone wall with a height of 7 meters. The towers of the dam are towers, linings and tanks. The circular, column-shaped tower on the plane is gradually shrinking. The height of the altitude is divided into 3 parts. All of these parts are covered by a spherical dome and connected to one another by the staircase built on the wall. There are windows in the form of narrow strips sharply extending from inside to outside to light on the two and third floors. The tower is made of local lime with lime mud, as a quadrous tower. At the top of the tower gate there are three inscriptions written in Arabic on a large rectangular stone layout. As can be seen from the content of the first article, the fortress was built during the reign of Shirvanshah Bin Farrukhzad bin Manichohr (1204-1225). It is clear from the second article that the owner of the fortress was Isaac bin Kaqughi (Hudim Ad-Dâila and Ad-Din Al-Amir Isaac bin Kakuli). This person was also the supreme commander of the Shirvan army. This inscription also mentions the building date of the 600th year of the Hijri date, which corresponds to 1232-1233 BC. Finally, in the third inscription contains the name of the the architects of the fortress Masu's son Abd-al-Majid.

Mardakan tower was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in Need of Urgent Safeguarding within “The Caspian Shore Defensive Constructions” on October 24, 2001.